About me

Lazy Sundae  –  This blog was previously titled “bgTV.”  Obviously it was changed. Going for something new here. 

Born and raised in Jersey, standing a whopping 5′ 1”,  I am now a college graduate with too much ambition.  After interning at multiple live-studio productions and receiving a BA in Communications with a concentration in TV/Film, TV has become my career life.

More or less, I love production. I love comedy. I love television.I love entertainment. I love movies. Oh and writing. And with this blog, you will soon learn more of what I love within media and the television industry. More importantly, you will probably learn what I hate. Expect several run on sentences and rants. As for the two people in the world that may read this, I hope it makes you smile, laugh, and maybe intrigue you to check out a few things you’ve never seen before.


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