Casually Judgmental: Movies I still NEED to see in 2014

I know, I know;  I’m a bit behind with my summer movies.
Plain and SimpleThese are the films I want to see this upcoming Summer… and Fall…and Winter.
There is no movie I want to see more this summer than Chef. I don’t know whether its the foodie side of my personality, or the fact that Jon Favreau is returning to his indie roots of “Swingers,” but this is a must see. The film follows a Chef (played by Favreau himself) as he unexpectedly quits his job at a hot LA restaurant, refusing to compromise his creativity for their mainstream dishes and arrogant owner. He returns to his home in Miami to reevaluate his life, which leads him to open up a Cuban food truck with his son, friends, and ex-wife. I’m really pumped about this movie. Favraue does a really great job of depicting the importance of striving for your passions in order to find love/happiness.
Word on the street: Apparently this film mirrors Favreau’s current state in life:  Ditching the big man in the industry to return back to his roots and original career passions. Hell yea Favrau. Stick it to the man.
Side-note: With a cast including– Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Dustin Hoffman, and Sofia VergaRRAa…you can’t go wrong. So money baby and ya don’t even know it  (real awk right now if you’ve never seen Swingers..)
So I already saw this movie… I thought it looked hilarious in trailers. Seth Rogen has really been on his game with summer comedies the past couple years, so I figured this one would be no different. It wasn’t the funniest movie I’ve ever seen, but it definitely made me laugh a lotttt. lol.
Begin Again
You’ve probably began to slowly see these previews. New York City, subways, catchy indie song…why is Adame Levine here….wtf is the Celo Greene? why is he there? So many questions. What is this movie!?   Ignore the strange cameos. Directed by John Carney, this has a similar backbone to his previous film Once, of 2 musically creative individuals falling in love. Kiera Knightly plays a struggling songwriter who comes to the end of a long-term relationship from her BF Adam Levine, after the taste of fame goes to his head. When she meets Mark Ruffalo, a tainted record label exec, both their lives beging to change for the better. Beautiful.
Question of the day: hold up, can Keira Knightly actually sing? AND bend it like beckham?
Foxcatcher (Nov)
Starring Steve Carrel, Channing Tatum, and Mark Ruffalo, this follows the story of Olympic Wrestler Champion Mark Schultz (Tatum). This isn’t your average sports film though, this focuses on the real events in which schizophrenic John Du Pont murdered Mark Schultz’s brother, also an Olympic champion, Dave Schultz. Very interesting and exciting casting choices for this movie. We’ve seen Carrel in serious roles before, but nothing like this. This goes the same for Channing Tatum–he impressed me in 21 Jump St, now I’m expecting big things from him in this film.  Director Bennett Miller seems to have a knack for casting unpredictable actors and completely transforming them, as seen in his other films Capote and Moneyball.
Word on the Street:   Whispers are goin’ around that this will be a big hit at the Oscars this upcoming year heyooo.
PS: HOLY HELL. take closer look at that nozee
Unbroken (December)
Directed by Angelina Jolie (have I got you yet?) she takes one of the most gripping novels of the decade and turns it into cinematic gold. Unbroken chronicles the biography of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic runner who was taken prisoner by Japanese forces during World War II. Oh and before this he was stranded on a raft in the middle of the ocean. Angelina’s past directorial debut seemed to really focus on raw emotion and the reality of violence more than exciting michaelbayish action sequences – which I believe will really bring this story to life.
What a SICK behind the scenes pic B. thanksss
22 Jump Street
If you saw 21 Jump St, how could you not want to see this. I don’t think it will be nearly as good as the first, simply because that seems to be an anomaly for comedies. Despite this, I still want to see it, and still think it will be entertaining.  21 Jump St made me have a new found respect for Channing Tatum.  I always thought, yeah he’s a beautiful man, but he is nothing more than a pretty face reading lines from a script while gyrating. He seriously proved me wrong. This guy can be really funny, which means he can probably do even more in the acting world.  As for you Jonah,  stfu we already know you’re funny and were an oscar nomineeee.
NO IDEA where this pic is from. But it looks like 90% of my tagged photos on facebook
Into The Woods (christmas)
Meryl Streep. Ma gurl Anna Kendrick. Johnny Depp. Emily Blunt. Am I dreaming. Maybe. This fairytale has a killer cast. This twist on some Brothers Grimm tales has Meryl playing the witch, and dis bitch wants to teach some these fairytale characters a lesson.
Bad news: We have to wait all the way until Christmas…
*Also, I will relax with the awkward hilarious behind the scene photos. sarry.
Boyhood (July)
To make a long story short: this movie was filmed across the span of 12 years. Same cast. Rated 100% fresh on rotten tomatoes.  Follows the story of a boy growing up. Literally. In front of your face. That is all. I want to see this. thx. bye.
Interstellar   (Nov)
This is already becoming the most talked about film of 2014. We all know Christopher Nolan is a genius (I just spelled genius wrong and had let autocorrect rub it in my face) when it comes to action films. He really knows how to put an audience at the edge of their seat for 3 hours straight. Props man.   We don’t know much about Interstellar. Let’s count what we do know: it stars Matthew Mcchonahay, involves the world running out of food resources, there will be space travel, and something with wormholes.  AND, that’s about it.  They are trying very hard to keep this film extremely quiet; which is awesome.



The Nobodies who will soon become Somebodies

These are the actors that will soon rise to the top. No, not the actors who are already rising stars….but the pre-rising stars. This is my list of stars about to rise. The actors that are going to blow up in the year or two. Keep an eye out for them, because although you don’t know their names now, you’ll soon be hearing them a lot. 

Skylar Astin:
Everyone is beginning to recognize…that guy from Pitch Perfect..but soon you will remember his name. He’s good. Not only can he act, but he can sing. very well. As I said before, you know him best from Pitch Perfect, but maybe you alsosaw 21 and Over (pretty ehh movie. funny. but no need to run to netflix). Little known fact about Skylar, he played the role of Georg in the ORIGINAL cast of Spring Awakening on Broadway. Oh, wait, who else starred in that original c-– OH right, just Lea Michelle. Enough said. Keep your eyes peeled for this talented guy.

NEXT?: Starring in the film Cavemen alongside Chad Michael Murray. lol remember him?  After that, set to release in 2014, Flock of Dudes, costarring with Hilary Duff. lolss remember her too? little cinderella story goin on for Skylar here.

Dylan O’Brien

Dylan found his big break costarring in MTV’s Teen Wolf. Oh, you don’t watch Teen Wolf? yeah, umm i mean neither do I…..  He plays the goofy best friend of lead actor Tyler Posey (keep an ear out for that name too). This past year Dylan played alongside Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn in the comedy The Internship. This kid is not only very funny, but he is believable..and likable.

What’s NEXT?:  Starring in The Maze Runner, a post-apocalyptic framed film set to release in 2014.

Miles Teller

Everyone, this is Miles Teller. Miles, this is everyone. HIs fast-talking personality is almost on par with Vince Vaughn but with a doofier Jonah HIll vibe. He played a small role in The indie film Project X and also starred in 21 and Over where he really showed his potential in comedy. He killed it. Some big things are coming this guys way.

NEXT?: A LOT. Set to release in August, the young love film The Spectacular Now which surprisingly already has a 91% on rotten tomatoes.   Get a Job, an extremely relatable comedy alongside Anna Kendrick and Bryan Cranston. After that? Are We Officially Dating with Zac Efron and Michael B Jordan. Theres more?? and the highly anticipated Divergent set to release in 2014.

Shailene Woodley

Oh, she seems sortof familiar. Yeah she just chilled with George Clooney in The Descendents. nbd. Oh, and didn’t she play that girl in Secret Life of that american pregnant chick? Yes, but lets move on. She is set to star in the anticipated film Divergent. Based off the best selling book set in a dystopia world where individuals are divided based on human traits. Many say this book and soon movie are way too similar to The Hunger Games and are beginning to relate Shailene to Jennifer Lawrence. We shall see what happens.

NEXT: You can see her costarring with Miles Teller in the romance The Spectacular Now. She plays the good girl and he plays the manwhore who falls for her. This movie is rated R however, which makes it seem to be a little less cutesy and a more raw and reaI relationship story. refreshing. Andd I already told you. Divergent. and The Fault in our Stars set to release in 2014, seems sappy.

Kit Harrington

Oh Jon Snow. All you Game of Throners out there love this guy. He seems to be liked by most viewers…and always seems to have to worst luck. Oh yeah, I started watching Game of Thrones. I personally think this guyy is gonna go all the way.

Next: Kit will be starring in the film Pompeii, following the destruction of the epic civilization. This has become one of the most anticipated films of 2014, soon to boost John Snow’s luck.  You know nothing John Snow. Well, apparently he does.

The Killam fam

As most may know, Jason Sudeikis and Bill Hader have said their goodbyes to SNL. This means, SNL needs some new guys to take on the big roles. Taran Killam is ready to become the new big player of the show. This is his chance to shine. Could he be the next Will Ferrel? hell no. Will is a God amongst men. Taran can be the next Andy Samberg. Sidenote: Who’s that lovely lady on his arm? OH. He’s just married to Robin Sparkles..i mean Robin Shervatsky…I mean Cobie Smulders. You know her as that Canadian on How I Met Your Mother. What a fabulous marriage.

PS. When HIMYM ends in 2014….moment of silence…She has some big things coming her way. While her hubby will be rockin it on SNL….she will be starring in the film They Came Together which includes a star studded cast such as *Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler*.star studded..

The New Girl Dudes

Who doesn’t know Schmidt yet? Well I guess anybody who doesn’t watch New Girl. If you’ve never seen New Girl, I am seriously questioning all of your life choices then. This show is genuinely funny and with a great cast. More or less a fantastic sitcom. Schmidt the douchey guy who means well,  is played by Max Greenfield, and fans know you can always rely on him to be animated and funny in every scene. If viewers don’t declare him their favorite character, they certainly say its Nick, played by Jake Johnson. You may have also seen Jake in the indie hit No Safety Guaranteed (i loved it, go watch it.) Both are talented guys with bright projects ahead of them.

NEXT on their agenda?: Max can be seen in the comedy mentioned prior They Came Together starring Cobie Smulders. Also, in 2014, you will see him in the anticipated (to crash and burn) film adaptation of Veronica Mars. I do think Schmitd deserves more. Jake on the other hand, will be starring in Drinking Buddies alongside Olivia Wilde and Anna Kendrick this upcoming fall. This movie looks very promising. Later in 2014 you can catch him the comedy Townies with Zac Efron and Seth Rogen.

Chloe Grace Moretz

Don’t be fooled by this youngin. Recently starring in Hugo and Kick Ass (2), this girl can kick ass. She excels at playing unexpectedly tough girls, which I respect. She is a talented little bad ass. She’s probably a sweetheart in person though. What do I know? You may also recognize her as the insightful sister in 500 Days of Younger. I get a ‘wise beyond her years’ vibe from Chloe. Only 16 years old, and with her fame is just beginning to rise, I’m expected great things from this gurl.

NEXT: First in foremost, she will be starring in the Carrie remake…as Carrie. I’m scared. She will with out a doubt dominate at that role. Later in 2014 she will star with Kiera Knightly and Sam Rockwell in the drama Laggies, about a woman stuck in permanent adoecense. wait what?

The Other Franco Dave Franco

Anybody else watch 21 Jump Street [surprisingly hilarious movie] and be like, hey, that guy’s cute. And then said wait, he looks oddly familiar. Well yeah, that’s James Franco’s brother.  Continueing to be seen in movies year after year, and even starring in Now You See Me (literally nobody went to see). He has that famous last name and dashing smile to help propel his career.

Next?: In the currently developing film Rosaline, he is rumored to play Romeo, so if that doesn’t sound kindof like a big deal, idk what does. Before that though, he will costar alongside Zac Efron and previously mentioned Jake Johnson in the comedy Townies, directed by the creators of Forgetting Sarah Marshall.


Monsters U gets a B

As a huge Pixar fan, and still somewhat depressed about graduating, of course I went to see Monsters University. (does that mean I’m planning to go see Planes? No, are you kidding.)

Let’s get right to the point: Monsters University is cute. I wouldn’t rank it within my top 5 Pixar flix and it nowhere near measures up to the Toy Story sequels, but entertaining nonetheless.  This does not fulfill the high expectations we all hold for Pixar. (Did Brave either though?..awk) The original Monsters Inc was extremely innovative, funny, and heartwarming. You want to know what gave Monsters Inc that extra nudge to become such a hit, but not so much Monsters University? Boo.  That adorable little girl in the pink shirt who only knows how to say kitty and is somewhat asian. Is she asian? Do they ever clarify that? Is she related to Russell from Up? Do they ever clarify that?  Bottom line, without Boo, it loses that touching, pull at your heart strings moments. It also takes away an entire portion of Sully’s character, part in which makes him so likable.

Monsters University follows Mike as he attends college, with big dreams of becoming a ‘scarer’. Sully, big man on campus, is the promising scary freshman, who thinks he can breeze through college on pure talent. Mike on the other hand believes that hard work and studying will make him top of the class. Their relationship begins as a rivaled hatred, but when they end up needing each other to get back into the Scare Program….well, as we all know from Monsters Inc, they somehow become best friends by the end.

This Monster world that Pixar has created is extremely fascinating and entertaining to watch. College in itself is its own scary world, but Monstroplizing it makes it that much more amusing. Monster versions of frats/sororities and college parties create some pretty funny scenes in the film. There are moments that are comical and the new monsters are interesting, but I never found myself as emotionally invested as I did with Monsters Inc.  Don’t get me wrong; I enjoyed it. And it was way better than all that Cars crap. But it was no more than a cute and entertaining movie, with some good laughs.

We put Pixar on this pedestal, and if you watch MU as just an animated movie—to be honest it’s better than most animated movies out there today.

Do I recommend you go see it in theatres? If you are a big Pixar or monsters inc fan, sure why not, you won’t leave the theatre unhappy. If you feel like you’re willing to wait until it comes onto DVD, then wait; you will still enjoy it in the pleasure of your own home. If this were Toy Story 3 or Nemo, I’d be saying GO SEE IT NOW OR YOU WILL DIE. But hey, go see MU when you get the chance, or if you’re in a bad mood and need a laugh on a rainy day. It will make you smile, but don’t expect to feel the WOW factor that Toy story 3 gave you.

This Is The End ..or is it?

The most recent movie I saw in theatres was the wildly absurd comedy This is the End.  Walking into this theatre, I wasn’t expecting much. I’m not usually one for stupid or crude comedy, but let meh tell yeh…. This movie is FUNNY.

I LOVE the fact that the actors play themselves. Well, more of an exaggerated version or caricature of themselves. Seth Rogan, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Jay Burachel–you see these guys everywhere. That is part of the brilliance behind this movie.  FOR EXAMPLE: You know how when you watch home videos, or stupid vids your own friends made?…you always find it hilarious right? There is something about watching a person you know on screen,  that makes you embarrassingly giggle and cry from laughter. Funnier than anything you’ve ever seen before.  That is what this movie does.   It takes comedy stars, who you have followed for years, seen in interviews—and now you watch them play themselves. More or less, you are watching both famous actors, and people who for reason you feel like you’re friends with, on the big screen.   Boom.

I wasn’t surprised to learn that This is the End was written  and directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. We all know Goldberg as the writer behind comedies such as Superbad and Pineapple Express.  This is the End is actually based on a short  titled Seth and Jay versus the Apocalypse which they created earlier in 2007. I can’t help but to imagine these guys having a blast developing this film. They are literally writing an extremely character driven film about what would happen if a group of their friends were locked in a house together during the Apocalypse. You’d think critics would call this movie tasteless— but check out rotten tomatoes84% fresh by critics. What?? That’s higher than the majority of the movies this summer.

The first act in the movie provides some of the funniest moments in the film, by introducing the stars. Also including several cameos only adding to the humor. Some of the characters are given outrageous personality flaws. Michael Cera for example, the awkward virgin from Superbad, is portrayed as a loud mouth coke-head. They show an unexpected side to these typecasted actors. Hilarious.

Can you imagine Seth Rogan writing each character?

Seth: “Yo Evan, what if we made straight-laced Cera like the biggest f**king dick head. Like some douchey little wiener of a dude.”

Evan: “Wait, I love that! Wait, also lets make him just like rip lines of coke all night.”

I do think this film continuously gets dumber as it progresses, and the third act in particular becomes rediculous. But for some reason as the movie got dumber, I still found myself laughing. I guess despite the absurd plot line, crude conversations, and extremely idiotic action scenes, in the end, what’s the purpose of a comedy? To make you laugh. So congrats Seth Rogan, you win.

Check out the trailer