Casually Judgmental: Fall 2013 TV lineup

Alright, so here’s the deal.  These are the new fall 2013 television shows, that I think won’t suck. Disclaimer: I am being extremely judgmental based on very little information. This is my immediate first impression and brutally honest predictions. Take it, as you will.

Pssst honestly though, none of the new fall previews blow me away. I’ll probably just stick to the already awesome shows on television instead of delving into new mediocre territory.

 Brooklyn Nine Nine(fox)

Starring SNL alumni Andy Samberg, this police station set comedy has some great potential. Based on the previews, I get a Scrubs meets NYPD, but with a side of Parks and Rec/Office vibe to it. Sounds good to me.  This is probably because the creators were writers on Parks and Rec: Dan Goor and Michael Schur. Samberg plays one of the top detectives in Brooklyn who tends to goof off more than he works, but still seems to remain on top. Now that he has a new tough as nails boss, there will be a well balanced mix of idiots and conflict within the station and on da streets of Brooklyn. Not included in the pic, but remember the squeaky here we go galaxy here we go guy from I Love You Man, he’s in it too. juss tryin not to leave anyone out.  This show will be one big concoction of diverse characters, stupidity, and absurdity– which somehow creates hilarious success.

The Michael J Fox Show (nbc)

Has anyone seen the promos for this show? If you have, and you’re like me, you caught yourself lolling at Michael J Fox finding humor within his disability. Then immediately after laughing you questioned your own morality, and discretely looked around to see if anyone else let out a chuckle. Don’t worry, its okay. This show will definitely get viewers for its season premiere, mainly because people love rooting for anything Marty McFly related. Meant to be semi-autobiographical, MJF plays an ex-news anchor with Parkinson’s who tries to reacquire his job while juggling his family. This could become a hit; solid combination of tears, hugs, laughs, and the ability to educate society a little. Pic: very awkward unprepared family photo= Relatable and nobodies perfect but you can still be happy. That little kid looks super weird though. BUT, who’s the third lady, this isn’t SisterWives.

How I Met Your Mother the final season

Not a new show? big deal, get over it.  This fall will mark the end of an era. September will debut the final season premiere of TedBarneyRobin Marshall&Lilly. The final season of HIMYM will take place throughout the course of one weekend….Barney and Robins wedding weekend…aka the weekend Ted meets his wife. The rest of the cast will meet this mystery woman before Ted does, to add more to that dramatic irony.  I’m also assuming there will be incessant flashbacks/flashforwards the show is known for.   This past Spring, audiences were shocked to see the mother AND…..have no idea who the hell this lady is. Except, slightly recognizing her as that sad woman waving her arms around in those nonstop commercials for the Broadway musical Once.     I have high hopes for this season, and am expecting some tears. I’m psyched. You’re psyched. Or you should be psyched. So get psyched. PicAnalysis: So funny. c’mon. look at each of them. look at the cut-out priest. look at ted, he has a beard.

The Crazy Ones (cbs)

After 31 years, he’s coming back to television. Robin Williams is starring alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar in this father/daughter single-camera comedy.  Robin plays the kooky boss and SMG plays his more reserved daughter as they run a Chicago based Adversing Agency despite Robin’s eccentric personality. To be honest, I have a bad feeling about this show. Why did I put it on this list then? Because Robin Williams’ name caught my attention. Which is exactly what it will do to the country: Catch our attention. Then, I have a very bad feeling we will all get tired of laughing at the repetitive material. Don’t get me wrong, I think Robin William’s is one of the funniest and most brilliant comedic actors in history, but I’m just nervous. I just really hope this is actually funny.  Pic Analysis: This reminds me of Flubber.

Blacklist (nbc)

 Apparently this is supposed to be very good. NBC feels extremely confident about this one. woopdidoo.  I don’t see anything very special from the previews, but I get somewhat of an Alias feel from it. Not quite sure why, but I liked Alias. Unexpected female lead who turns out she can run shit. Story: the most dangerous criminal in America has been caught and he refuses to be questioned by anyone other than a rookie CIA agent he has no relation to. I guess it sounds a little cool. According to everyone else, this show will be a hit. I’m not sure if I will watch it, but most will. Then after a few episodes I’ll secretly tune in. That’s all I have to say about that. Pic: Literally every single picture online for this show looks animated. Disclaimer: The Blacklist is not animated.

The Hundred. (CW)

With the creation of the Hunger Games, the entire wizard or vampire scene with young adults is diminishing, and post apocalyptic worlds with dying teenagers are taking over. 🙂  With fears of the world ending, people can’t help but to love watching teenagers saving society.  Everyone loves an underdog story. The Hundred has potential to be exciting, gripping, and having characters you genuinely care about. I bet adults will hate this, but teenagers will lovee it. This is gonna be like the new OC for this generation’s youth. People want what they can’t have. In the 90s, everyone wanted to be beautiful, tan, have expensive materialistic items, and wear Abercrombie. Now, they have all of that. Instead, everyone wants to be the one who saves the world, acquire baller archery skills, and have a hunky bf back in their post-nuke-hit home they can cuddle up to.                                                                                Pic Analysis: Everyone seems to look uncomfortably feminine. I mean the girls look pretty, but so do the boys. So lets hope the casting is better than this pic is doing it justice. Could be nothing more than an unfortunate photo. ps. is it raining?

The following shows have intriguing concepts worth bringing up, but will most likely crash and burn….

Mixology (abc)

The entire show follows the course of one night at a bar, following 10 single adults.  Sounds like a cool idea? This could either rule, or suck so much.  I don’t know about you, but I only want to see the second half of the season when everyone is wasted. If they really play up the stages of drunkenness at a bar, from awkwardly sober to embarrassingly shitfaced, I will love this show.  I’m hoping there will be random flashforwards to increase some sort of tension or…something. It really depends on how they do this. If this is properly executed and the drunk jokes are more relatable than stupid, then it may do well.                                                                                                    Pic Analysis: Things are not looking up solely based on the fact that every individual in that picture is annoying me. Starting with the super annoying girl with her leg up, the leprechaun ‘fake choking’ his friend(which isn’t funny) while the other friend tries to look like he’s involved, the lesbians in the middle, and the 2 girls staring at the wannabe Barney Stinson who’s looking at us instead of them…. yup this will fail.

Lucky 7 (abc)

7 gas station employees in Queens, NY miraculously win the lottery after years of pooling their money together. After winning though, not all their problems are solved and their lives change forever blab la bla.  This immediately makes me think of Lost for some reason. Very high concept show with a lot of potential…to probably fail. If they can make audiences truly care about these characters and throw in some wild mysteries, this show has a chance. pic analysis:  a. why is there a lense flair…if you can even call that one. b. why do 2 of the girls look so awkward. why are they posing how i did in my 4thgrade class picture.

Super Fun Night (abc)

Helloooo Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson).  I’ve declared the alternate title to be The Fat Amy Show. I think I’d rather see her have her own talk show, but she’s such a friggin loose cannon, networks prob have no choice but to put her in scripted television. Good news though, she’s not only the star, but the writer as well. Oh and she also co-created it with Conan Obrien. YEAH, Coco. If that’s not a recipe for comedic success then idk what is. Unfortunately however, critics who have watched the pilot were not impressed. Uh oh. This may flop harder than fat amy herself. Anyone see Rebel host the VMAs? It was painful to watch. Lets hope this isn’t a redo of the VMAs and that Conando’s 50% pulls through.  Also sidenote:  apparently Rebel is doing an American accent in this. UGH WHY. Half the things she says are not funny unless there’s an accent behind it.  Good luck fat Amy.

 Shows I bet 10 bucks will suck: These literally have no hope.. :  Back in the GameSean saves the world. And Dads oh and Mom.


The Nobodies who will soon become Somebodies

These are the actors that will soon rise to the top. No, not the actors who are already rising stars….but the pre-rising stars. This is my list of stars about to rise. The actors that are going to blow up in the year or two. Keep an eye out for them, because although you don’t know their names now, you’ll soon be hearing them a lot. 

Skylar Astin:
Everyone is beginning to recognize…that guy from Pitch Perfect..but soon you will remember his name. He’s good. Not only can he act, but he can sing. very well. As I said before, you know him best from Pitch Perfect, but maybe you alsosaw 21 and Over (pretty ehh movie. funny. but no need to run to netflix). Little known fact about Skylar, he played the role of Georg in the ORIGINAL cast of Spring Awakening on Broadway. Oh, wait, who else starred in that original c-– OH right, just Lea Michelle. Enough said. Keep your eyes peeled for this talented guy.

NEXT?: Starring in the film Cavemen alongside Chad Michael Murray. lol remember him?  After that, set to release in 2014, Flock of Dudes, costarring with Hilary Duff. lolss remember her too? little cinderella story goin on for Skylar here.

Dylan O’Brien

Dylan found his big break costarring in MTV’s Teen Wolf. Oh, you don’t watch Teen Wolf? yeah, umm i mean neither do I…..  He plays the goofy best friend of lead actor Tyler Posey (keep an ear out for that name too). This past year Dylan played alongside Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn in the comedy The Internship. This kid is not only very funny, but he is believable..and likable.

What’s NEXT?:  Starring in The Maze Runner, a post-apocalyptic framed film set to release in 2014.

Miles Teller

Everyone, this is Miles Teller. Miles, this is everyone. HIs fast-talking personality is almost on par with Vince Vaughn but with a doofier Jonah HIll vibe. He played a small role in The indie film Project X and also starred in 21 and Over where he really showed his potential in comedy. He killed it. Some big things are coming this guys way.

NEXT?: A LOT. Set to release in August, the young love film The Spectacular Now which surprisingly already has a 91% on rotten tomatoes.   Get a Job, an extremely relatable comedy alongside Anna Kendrick and Bryan Cranston. After that? Are We Officially Dating with Zac Efron and Michael B Jordan. Theres more?? and the highly anticipated Divergent set to release in 2014.

Shailene Woodley

Oh, she seems sortof familiar. Yeah she just chilled with George Clooney in The Descendents. nbd. Oh, and didn’t she play that girl in Secret Life of that american pregnant chick? Yes, but lets move on. She is set to star in the anticipated film Divergent. Based off the best selling book set in a dystopia world where individuals are divided based on human traits. Many say this book and soon movie are way too similar to The Hunger Games and are beginning to relate Shailene to Jennifer Lawrence. We shall see what happens.

NEXT: You can see her costarring with Miles Teller in the romance The Spectacular Now. She plays the good girl and he plays the manwhore who falls for her. This movie is rated R however, which makes it seem to be a little less cutesy and a more raw and reaI relationship story. refreshing. Andd I already told you. Divergent. and The Fault in our Stars set to release in 2014, seems sappy.

Kit Harrington

Oh Jon Snow. All you Game of Throners out there love this guy. He seems to be liked by most viewers…and always seems to have to worst luck. Oh yeah, I started watching Game of Thrones. I personally think this guyy is gonna go all the way.

Next: Kit will be starring in the film Pompeii, following the destruction of the epic civilization. This has become one of the most anticipated films of 2014, soon to boost John Snow’s luck.  You know nothing John Snow. Well, apparently he does.

The Killam fam

As most may know, Jason Sudeikis and Bill Hader have said their goodbyes to SNL. This means, SNL needs some new guys to take on the big roles. Taran Killam is ready to become the new big player of the show. This is his chance to shine. Could he be the next Will Ferrel? hell no. Will is a God amongst men. Taran can be the next Andy Samberg. Sidenote: Who’s that lovely lady on his arm? OH. He’s just married to Robin Sparkles..i mean Robin Shervatsky…I mean Cobie Smulders. You know her as that Canadian on How I Met Your Mother. What a fabulous marriage.

PS. When HIMYM ends in 2014….moment of silence…She has some big things coming her way. While her hubby will be rockin it on SNL….she will be starring in the film They Came Together which includes a star studded cast such as *Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler*.star studded..

The New Girl Dudes

Who doesn’t know Schmidt yet? Well I guess anybody who doesn’t watch New Girl. If you’ve never seen New Girl, I am seriously questioning all of your life choices then. This show is genuinely funny and with a great cast. More or less a fantastic sitcom. Schmidt the douchey guy who means well,  is played by Max Greenfield, and fans know you can always rely on him to be animated and funny in every scene. If viewers don’t declare him their favorite character, they certainly say its Nick, played by Jake Johnson. You may have also seen Jake in the indie hit No Safety Guaranteed (i loved it, go watch it.) Both are talented guys with bright projects ahead of them.

NEXT on their agenda?: Max can be seen in the comedy mentioned prior They Came Together starring Cobie Smulders. Also, in 2014, you will see him in the anticipated (to crash and burn) film adaptation of Veronica Mars. I do think Schmitd deserves more. Jake on the other hand, will be starring in Drinking Buddies alongside Olivia Wilde and Anna Kendrick this upcoming fall. This movie looks very promising. Later in 2014 you can catch him the comedy Townies with Zac Efron and Seth Rogen.

Chloe Grace Moretz

Don’t be fooled by this youngin. Recently starring in Hugo and Kick Ass (2), this girl can kick ass. She excels at playing unexpectedly tough girls, which I respect. She is a talented little bad ass. She’s probably a sweetheart in person though. What do I know? You may also recognize her as the insightful sister in 500 Days of Younger. I get a ‘wise beyond her years’ vibe from Chloe. Only 16 years old, and with her fame is just beginning to rise, I’m expected great things from this gurl.

NEXT: First in foremost, she will be starring in the Carrie remake…as Carrie. I’m scared. She will with out a doubt dominate at that role. Later in 2014 she will star with Kiera Knightly and Sam Rockwell in the drama Laggies, about a woman stuck in permanent adoecense. wait what?

The Other Franco Dave Franco

Anybody else watch 21 Jump Street [surprisingly hilarious movie] and be like, hey, that guy’s cute. And then said wait, he looks oddly familiar. Well yeah, that’s James Franco’s brother.  Continueing to be seen in movies year after year, and even starring in Now You See Me (literally nobody went to see). He has that famous last name and dashing smile to help propel his career.

Next?: In the currently developing film Rosaline, he is rumored to play Romeo, so if that doesn’t sound kindof like a big deal, idk what does. Before that though, he will costar alongside Zac Efron and previously mentioned Jake Johnson in the comedy Townies, directed by the creators of Forgetting Sarah Marshall.


Monsters U gets a B

As a huge Pixar fan, and still somewhat depressed about graduating, of course I went to see Monsters University. (does that mean I’m planning to go see Planes? No, are you kidding.)

Let’s get right to the point: Monsters University is cute. I wouldn’t rank it within my top 5 Pixar flix and it nowhere near measures up to the Toy Story sequels, but entertaining nonetheless.  This does not fulfill the high expectations we all hold for Pixar. (Did Brave either though?..awk) The original Monsters Inc was extremely innovative, funny, and heartwarming. You want to know what gave Monsters Inc that extra nudge to become such a hit, but not so much Monsters University? Boo.  That adorable little girl in the pink shirt who only knows how to say kitty and is somewhat asian. Is she asian? Do they ever clarify that? Is she related to Russell from Up? Do they ever clarify that?  Bottom line, without Boo, it loses that touching, pull at your heart strings moments. It also takes away an entire portion of Sully’s character, part in which makes him so likable.

Monsters University follows Mike as he attends college, with big dreams of becoming a ‘scarer’. Sully, big man on campus, is the promising scary freshman, who thinks he can breeze through college on pure talent. Mike on the other hand believes that hard work and studying will make him top of the class. Their relationship begins as a rivaled hatred, but when they end up needing each other to get back into the Scare Program….well, as we all know from Monsters Inc, they somehow become best friends by the end.

This Monster world that Pixar has created is extremely fascinating and entertaining to watch. College in itself is its own scary world, but Monstroplizing it makes it that much more amusing. Monster versions of frats/sororities and college parties create some pretty funny scenes in the film. There are moments that are comical and the new monsters are interesting, but I never found myself as emotionally invested as I did with Monsters Inc.  Don’t get me wrong; I enjoyed it. And it was way better than all that Cars crap. But it was no more than a cute and entertaining movie, with some good laughs.

We put Pixar on this pedestal, and if you watch MU as just an animated movie—to be honest it’s better than most animated movies out there today.

Do I recommend you go see it in theatres? If you are a big Pixar or monsters inc fan, sure why not, you won’t leave the theatre unhappy. If you feel like you’re willing to wait until it comes onto DVD, then wait; you will still enjoy it in the pleasure of your own home. If this were Toy Story 3 or Nemo, I’d be saying GO SEE IT NOW OR YOU WILL DIE. But hey, go see MU when you get the chance, or if you’re in a bad mood and need a laugh on a rainy day. It will make you smile, but don’t expect to feel the WOW factor that Toy story 3 gave you.

GOT a confession

I have a confession to make to everyone. And by everyone I mean my sister and boyfriend aka the only ones who read this.  So here it goes: I have never watched Game of Thrones.  There, I said it.

I would like to announce that I plan to begin watching this critically acclaimed television program.  Starting from episode one, season one. I’m hoping that if I post this, I will actually start watching it. Kind of like how they tell people with addictions the first step towards improvement is by admitting you have a problem.  Well I have a problem; I don’t watch Game of Thrones. I don’t know why I don’t. It seems right up my alley. To a non-GOT-er, it looks kind of like if Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings had a baby—sounds good to me! And I heard every family has like a wolf? That should be cute I guess. Well, wolves scare the shiz out of me, ever since I watched that terrifying wolf monster in Never Ending Story when I was 9.  Despite this, I look forward to begin this Game of Thrones chapter in my life…and to finally understand what the hell people are talking about.

Stay tuned as I embark on this journey.

p.s. I plan to try and read the books too…..lols yeah right..

This Is The End ..or is it?

The most recent movie I saw in theatres was the wildly absurd comedy This is the End.  Walking into this theatre, I wasn’t expecting much. I’m not usually one for stupid or crude comedy, but let meh tell yeh…. This movie is FUNNY.

I LOVE the fact that the actors play themselves. Well, more of an exaggerated version or caricature of themselves. Seth Rogan, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Jay Burachel–you see these guys everywhere. That is part of the brilliance behind this movie.  FOR EXAMPLE: You know how when you watch home videos, or stupid vids your own friends made?…you always find it hilarious right? There is something about watching a person you know on screen,  that makes you embarrassingly giggle and cry from laughter. Funnier than anything you’ve ever seen before.  That is what this movie does.   It takes comedy stars, who you have followed for years, seen in interviews—and now you watch them play themselves. More or less, you are watching both famous actors, and people who for reason you feel like you’re friends with, on the big screen.   Boom.

I wasn’t surprised to learn that This is the End was written  and directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. We all know Goldberg as the writer behind comedies such as Superbad and Pineapple Express.  This is the End is actually based on a short  titled Seth and Jay versus the Apocalypse which they created earlier in 2007. I can’t help but to imagine these guys having a blast developing this film. They are literally writing an extremely character driven film about what would happen if a group of their friends were locked in a house together during the Apocalypse. You’d think critics would call this movie tasteless— but check out rotten tomatoes84% fresh by critics. What?? That’s higher than the majority of the movies this summer.

The first act in the movie provides some of the funniest moments in the film, by introducing the stars. Also including several cameos only adding to the humor. Some of the characters are given outrageous personality flaws. Michael Cera for example, the awkward virgin from Superbad, is portrayed as a loud mouth coke-head. They show an unexpected side to these typecasted actors. Hilarious.

Can you imagine Seth Rogan writing each character?

Seth: “Yo Evan, what if we made straight-laced Cera like the biggest f**king dick head. Like some douchey little wiener of a dude.”

Evan: “Wait, I love that! Wait, also lets make him just like rip lines of coke all night.”

I do think this film continuously gets dumber as it progresses, and the third act in particular becomes rediculous. But for some reason as the movie got dumber, I still found myself laughing. I guess despite the absurd plot line, crude conversations, and extremely idiotic action scenes, in the end, what’s the purpose of a comedy? To make you laugh. So congrats Seth Rogan, you win.

Check out the trailer

VICE on HBO is a GO

Have you ever heard of lamb-fighting? Did you know it doesn’t involve a lamb?  Oh, or did you know that parts of Indonesia use cigarettes to ‘treat’ cancer? Or did you catch that basketball game with the Harlem Globe Trotters and North Korea?   No? Well clearly you’ve never seen VICE.

Earlier this summer, on a rainy afternoon, my sister and I were fighting over what to watch on TV. She introduced me to this incredible new show called VICE.  Usually when she attempts to force my attention onto something she likes, obviously I ignore it. This time however, I could not pull my eyes away from the screen. Three episodes later I was hooked.

VICE is 30 minutes of awesomeness on HBO, and different from anything you’ve seen on television. This show is a refreshing piece of a reality, amongst other “reality” shows on your TV.  Originally a magazine, with a goal to investigate and enlighten, VICE is showin’ us what’s really going on in our world.

At least once in every episode, I found myself having to pick my jaw up off the floor. This show makes one realize how incredibly naïve we are to what is happening in other countries. By rotating four of their producers as a host and throwing them in situations we have never seen an American in before, this show becomes both gripping and entertaining. One of my favorite hosts is Thomas: a skinny nerdy white guy. And I’m pretty sure they throw him into certain situations to be ironic, and add some humor. Aside from the jokes, the subject matter presented is serious. What VICE is doing, is simply bringing awareness to material not usually presented to the public. Audiences are exposed to cultures or events you will never see on the news. Personally, I believe in this day and age, exposure to different cultures is very important in life.  (so wiseee I know…)

Vice’s season finale followed host Ryan, a few Harlem Globetrotters, and NBA star Dennis Rodman, as they travelled to North Korea for a basketball game. Perfectly normal, whatever. Setting ground in North Korea was momentous enough, but their tour given by the government was eye opening. How did they get permission to do this? Well apparently Kim Jong-Un is a huge basketball fan. Who knew right?  I’m not trying to give any spoilers, but they actualy meet Kim. Whoops I told ya.

Vice has been signed on for a second season on HBO. If you have nextflix or HBOgo, catch up and check it out. If not, start watching it next season on HBO. If you don’t have HBO, well I feel sorry for you.

Time to be proactive

As my life delves deeper and deeper into unemployment, I decided it was about time to do something a little bit more proactive than sitting/eating/watching tv/eating. After applying to about five jobs a day and bombarding employers with borderline harassing emails, the brilliant idea of creating a blog came to mind.

Expect posts about television, movies, or anything in the media. Oh and don’t be alarmed if I post about some random stuff from my own life. As this keeps me busy, and keepin the creative muscles in my brain in shape…maybe I’ll make a few people smile, chuckle, or appreciate my opinions on media related topics along the way.

as for potential employers, call me.