Monsters U gets a B

As a huge Pixar fan, and still somewhat depressed about graduating, of course I went to see Monsters University. (does that mean I’m planning to go see Planes? No, are you kidding.)

Let’s get right to the point: Monsters University is cute. I wouldn’t rank it within my top 5 Pixar flix and it nowhere near measures up to the Toy Story sequels, but entertaining nonetheless.  This does not fulfill the high expectations we all hold for Pixar. (Did Brave either though?..awk) The original Monsters Inc was extremely innovative, funny, and heartwarming. You want to know what gave Monsters Inc that extra nudge to become such a hit, but not so much Monsters University? Boo.  That adorable little girl in the pink shirt who only knows how to say kitty and is somewhat asian. Is she asian? Do they ever clarify that? Is she related to Russell from Up? Do they ever clarify that?  Bottom line, without Boo, it loses that touching, pull at your heart strings moments. It also takes away an entire portion of Sully’s character, part in which makes him so likable.

Monsters University follows Mike as he attends college, with big dreams of becoming a ‘scarer’. Sully, big man on campus, is the promising scary freshman, who thinks he can breeze through college on pure talent. Mike on the other hand believes that hard work and studying will make him top of the class. Their relationship begins as a rivaled hatred, but when they end up needing each other to get back into the Scare Program….well, as we all know from Monsters Inc, they somehow become best friends by the end.

This Monster world that Pixar has created is extremely fascinating and entertaining to watch. College in itself is its own scary world, but Monstroplizing it makes it that much more amusing. Monster versions of frats/sororities and college parties create some pretty funny scenes in the film. There are moments that are comical and the new monsters are interesting, but I never found myself as emotionally invested as I did with Monsters Inc.  Don’t get me wrong; I enjoyed it. And it was way better than all that Cars crap. But it was no more than a cute and entertaining movie, with some good laughs.

We put Pixar on this pedestal, and if you watch MU as just an animated movie—to be honest it’s better than most animated movies out there today.

Do I recommend you go see it in theatres? If you are a big Pixar or monsters inc fan, sure why not, you won’t leave the theatre unhappy. If you feel like you’re willing to wait until it comes onto DVD, then wait; you will still enjoy it in the pleasure of your own home. If this were Toy Story 3 or Nemo, I’d be saying GO SEE IT NOW OR YOU WILL DIE. But hey, go see MU when you get the chance, or if you’re in a bad mood and need a laugh on a rainy day. It will make you smile, but don’t expect to feel the WOW factor that Toy story 3 gave you.